About Bright Black

Bright Black Media is focused on marketing that is customer centric, data driven and ROI orientated. Data-driven creative leverages customer data insights and machine assistance to create personalized ad executions that boosts performance and maximizes ROI. Through data and technology, brands can cut through the clutter to provide real value to customers, and as a result, achieve high-performing campaigns.

Leveraging data to get the most out of your marketing is hard work. It takes experience, expertise and a unique approach. There is no one-size-fits-all answer and at Bright Black each brand, campaign or content strategy we recognize as a bespoke opportunity.

We are digitally led, but not digitally limited, to fulfil to the needs of an ever-developing world, while pinpointing where your target audience resides within the media realm.

Bright Black was founded by Arne Dunckers, director and lead strategist, who considers valuable content and analysed data as the current catalyst for all the change that is occurring within the digital spectrum. She comes from a wealth of agency and brand experience and is driven by creating value, connecting people with the brands that matter most to them and driving purpose.