Data Science

Data science is about solving problems using large and complex data sets. We make use of the vast sea of data available, to solve marketing problems for our clients and create digital and creative marketing solutions that can transform businesses and assist them to spend their marketing budget efficiently. We help brands outsmart their competition with the huge amount of data and help predict consumer behaviour. We believe that with the right data, the best algorithms and plenty of human intuition we can solve our clients’ most challenging problems.

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Digital Advisory

Our digital advisory services give SMEs access to a range of specialist skills to manage change and stay ahead of competitors. We shine a light on the world of digital and discover new opportunities for competitive advantage.

Your digital strategy guides all decisions around your business in the digital space. From a new technology to new market opportunities and how to target them. Our digital advisory services can develop your digital strategy in line with your business.

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Analytics provide information to help you make educated changes to your marketing endeavours based on actual data, as opposed to hypothesized ideas based on opinions. Analytics and reporting form the foundation of any successful marketing campaign and not reporting on analytics is a costly oversight. At Bright Black, we know the importance of measuring success against the driving objectives of your brand and business.

We use accomplished tools and software to gather valuable insights from all your marketing actions, highlighting opportunities to further extend your reach to your target audience with targeted creative solutions.

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